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Jon Stevens new album Starlight bursts with a soulful artistry and honesty that’s rare and borders on extinction today.

Jon Stevens Musician
Jon Stevens


Jon Stevens is again in the spotlight with the release of his recent album Starlight. Starlight was produced by legendary Eurythmics star and music magician Dave Stewart. The album debuted Top 20 on the ARIA music charts with immense support from the fans Jon has amassed over his lengthy career in the music industry.

Stevens has a keen understanding of connecting souls with his lyrics. He has shown both his soft and rock and roll sides in the tracks on Starlight. As part of his Starlight album tour, he will perform at the legendary Isle of Wight Festival and host a series of shows in London for his expat fans.

Making great music that is good for the soul is a driver in the success of Jon Stevens’ career. His ability to connect with his fans has been seen in not only his solo releases but also his work with INXS, Noiseworks and The Dead Daisies.

Hailing from New Zealand Stevens is now based in Melbourne, Victoria in Australia and travels all over the world touring his music. Jon Stevens is renowned as an exceptional live performer who brings a true passion and presence to his fans.